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CBD products from HEMPWORX

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CBD with & without THC

CBD Sublingual Oil (taste great Cinnamon & Peppermint or Natural flavor) 

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, CBD and the flavoring (that's it) 

Pet Treats,  CBD Coffee,  Keto Kremers,  Bath Bombs,  Skin Care

CBD Free Products below:

Sublingual Vitamin/Minerals Sprays (No CBD)

Hemp Hair Products (No CBD)

Mantra Organic Essential Oils (No CBD)


Travels Deals 

Flights, Cruises, Hotels, Condo,Vacation Homes, Car Rentals- good deals with the link better deals as a member



                                                                              Other BII Survivors Businesses

Click here to see the Facebook Page of Natural Healing Oils Support Group BII (doTerra)


Click here to see the Facebook Page Support Group to assist in Healing BII (Modere)


Breast Cancer & BRCA Gene  Support


BRCAStrong, is a Nonprofit organization built on the very foundation of supporting Previvors and Survivors.  Whether routine monitoring or preventative surgery, we can help you through the journey.  The diagnosis can be overwhelming and isolating.  You are not alone! BRCAStrong will navigate you through the process with others who are making the same decisions and facing the same fears.  Empowering women living with reconstruction or no reconstruction after mastectomies is imperative.  We can help women network with the right foundation and physicians to properly support their needs.

“Our mission is to support, educate, inspire and empower Previvors and Survivors, to eliminate the feeling of isolation.”

BRCAStrong strives to alleviate the emotional and financial burdens of women facing genetically predisposed breast and/or ovarian cancer through advocacy, direct assistance, empowerment, fundraising initiatives and events. 

BRCAStrong was started in 2015 and was created a non profit in 2018.

Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation and Education With Christina 

Click here to be directed to Christina's Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation Page.


Size Happy Podcast with Christina

Click here to be directed to Christina's Size Happy Podcast.

Support Group

Support Group started Sept 2018 is for women looking for an ex-plant doctor or those who have ex-planted to share their real stories. So many stories were being deleted depending if the doctor was favored or not by certain people. It was wearing on the admin of this group who chose the wrong doctor because she didn’t see real stories beforehand and she doesn’t want someone else to make that mistake


Click here to see patient stories and experiences.


Life Since Explant is based on the simple concept of telling our stories. That is the main focus but I will eventually include other BII resources including but not limited to: links to other personal stories, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts and other media that is based on personal experience and storytelling.

Life Since Explant Stories

Being restructured coming soon:



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