Update from Chrissy Penn from Regain Your Confidence

Personal Story; Video Blog Post

Meet Chrissy Penn; a YouTube Fashionistasta, blogger, wife, mother, MS warrior, and advocate for breast implant illness.


Chrissy has a common type of breast abnormality many women have. At the young age of 15, her insecurity and lack of self confidence influenced her decision to have breast reconstruction surgery with saline textured breast implants.


This is when the struggle with multiple health issues began.  Now at the age of 40, she has documented her struggle with various health issues which perplexed many

doctors, and how an “AH- HA” moment led to answers and finally – a direction toward healing physically and emotionally.


Learning from others may help one relate to a specific story and in turn empowering yourself with the knowledge to make a decision that could affect your life.


“I feel more hope then I ever have about my future.” ~ Chrissy

You can visit Chrissy’s website here:

It’s Official! MARCH is the Annual Breast Implant Awareness Month! (Video)

Video Blog Post

So – What Materials Are Used to Make Breast Implants? (Chemical Soup)


When we go to see our plastic surgeons about getting breast

implants, he/she will tell us they are safe. We who have been

down this road, know this. But we know better and we’d like to

share some information with you so that you can make your

own decision about when we go to see our plastic surgeons

about getting breast implants, he/she will tell us they are safe.

We who have been down this road, know this.


But we know better and we’d like to share some information

with you so that you can make your own decision about just

how safe these devices are.


Chemical Soup (what breast implants are made of)

  1. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (neurotoxin)

  2. Cyclobexanone (neurotoxin)

  3. Isopropyl Alcohol

  4. Denatured Alcohol

  5. Acetone (neurotoxin)

  6. Urethane

  7. Poly vinyl Chloride (neurotoxin)

  8. Amine

  9. Toluene (neurotoxin/carcinogen)

  10. Dichloromethane (carcinogen)

  11. Chloromethane

  12. Ethyl acetate (neurotoxin)

  13. Silicone

  14. Sodium fluoride

  15. Lead-based solder

  16. Formaldehyde

  17. Talcum power

  18. Oakite (cleaning solvent)

  19. Methyl 2-cyanoacrylates

  20. Ethylene oxide (carcinogen)

  21. Xylene (neurotoxin)

  22. Hexon

  23. 2-Hexanone

  24. Thixon-OSN-2

  25. Stearic acid

  26. Zinc oxicide

  27. Naptha (rubber solvent)

  28. Phenol (neurotoxin)

  29. Benzene (carcinogen/neurotoxin)

  30. Lacquer thinner

  31. Epoxy resin

  32. Epoxy hardener 10 and 11

  33. Printing ink

  34. Metal cleaning acid

  35. Color pigments as release agents

  36. Heavy metals such as aluminum and platinum

  37. Silica


Source: The Naked Truth About Breast Implants p 83, 84 by Dr Susan Kolb


Condensed version:


Purchase full version:

Breast Implant Illness – You Are Not Alone

BII (Breast Implant Illness)

If you are reading this, I’m sure it needs no introduction. There’s a vast amount of information circulating regarding the symptoms of BII and its relation to breast implants


Hundreds of thousands of women have been voicing their outrage over the false safety information they were fed at the time of their surgery. This is evidenced by the tens of thousands of women on social media platforms sharing their stories and journeys as they try to heal their bodies and lives from the devastating impact of this very real disease. This reminds us of how fragile humanity is, how everyone has a story, opinion, and how when it all comes down to it – we fundamentally want to help one another.


Whether you have implants or not, the purpose of this website is to provide a comfortable place to go to for information and support from women who strive to make a

difference in the way women’s health issues are overlooked, and understood.


The Implant Truth Survivors Committee is a place where you can get the information that will empower you to make the right decision while staying vigilant about your body. Most importantly, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. You can contact us here if you’re struggling with BII or wondering if your implants are making you sick.


In faith and hope for us all,

Aimee Murphy, April 24th, 2017

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired? Help is here….

Breast Implants

The doctor says your tests are normal.


Another says it is your hormones.


Another doctors says your depressed or you have anxiety or even worse, both.


Maybe, your doctor says it is your cholesterol, liver function, hormones and depression.


Maybe you have an underlying autoimmune disease that is now coming into the onset.


But, wait you also have Breast Implants.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


I know I was. I even had an endocrinologist tell my husband and I was about to be in a coma according to all my labs, but one test did not match and it is what saved my life at that time. What is right for me may not be right for another. I am not a doctor and advice we give is from personal experience. Although, I ended up figuring out my own illness as most doctors never thought to connect the dots back to my implants.


The bottom line is we know our own bodies better than anyone


The doctors work for us, because we pay them. So, do not be scared to request tests that you feel are important. It is also okay to have an advocate such as The Implant Truth Survivors Committee help you on a 3 way call to get the right questions answered. That is why we are here, we give you the personal touch.


NOW, have you lost your job and medical insurance?   Do you need help with food and insurance? Do you need help to get your ex-plant covered?


Step 1) Fill out our Data Collection form here (If you already have no need to do it again, go to step 2)


Step 2) Email us at:


  • Your Name

  • Your City & State

  • Your phone number so we may call you


Step 3) PASS THIS ON!!!!!!!

~ Anne Ziegenhorn, February 23rd, 2017

HR 985 Class Action Bill Will Strip Our Right to Legal Action

Breast Implants, Legislation

Recently we were made aware of a House Bill that has

been approved by the House Judiciary Committee. 

This bill, HR985, would take away the consumers right

to sue large corporations, including those companies

that have harmed and killed thousands of women from

faulty breast implants.


For women facing the devastation of Breast Implant

Illness – this is horrifying news.


By restricting the right to join forces for similar

complaints, this bill would limit anyone to only being

able to sue individually – meaning that groups of injured individuals would no longer have the collective power of many and be limited to fighting these corporations independently.


Here is an excerpt from an article on


This past week, Republicans in the house, on the house judiciary committee, passed a resolution that would limit the ability of American consumers, American citizens, to file class action lawsuits against corporations. This resolution, bill, whatever you want to call it, did pass committee. Now it’s up to the main house body to decide whether or not to bring it to the floor, but it did pass committee.


What this piece of legislation is going to do is limit who can file a class action lawsuit, who can band together for class actions, and it’s something that business lobby in Washington DC has been fighting for since the Ronald Reagan administration. What businesses, corporations, what have you, what they want to do, is to make it to where consumers cannot band together and form a class action. People with a similar complaint can’t band together into groups of 2,000, 3,000 and file one big lawsuit.


You can read the this article and view the video here.

At the Law Professors Blog Network, contributor Howard Erichson explains in detail how the bill, HR 985 will impact us:

The bill, H.R. 985, the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017,” seeks to reduce defendants’ exposure to liability for mass harms by tightening the standard for class certification, imposing an ascertain ability requirement, delaying the payment of class counsel fees, limiting the use of issue class actions, expanding diversity jurisdiction, mandating Lone Pine orders in MDL, banning trials in MDL, and capping MDL personal injury attorneys’ fees at 20%, among other things. As Beth Burch noted, the bill does not make things fairer for those who have been wronged.

So – what can we do about this travesty being pushed through by Legislators who benefit from Lobbyists from these corporations?


We can speak to our own representatives.


In fact, we cannot even express the urgency of calling your House of Representatives regarding Bill HR 985. If passed no group will be able to bring a Class Action lawsuit against a manufacturer. It is absolutely imperative we all take action immediately to voice our concerns and desire that this bill be rejected.


Click here to find your representatives at this website.


Tell them NO to HR 985.


In advance – thank you for taking action to preserve the right of Americans to hold corporations accountable when they cause harm.


~ Anne Ziegenhorn, Co-founder The Implant Truth Survivors Committee, February 22nd, 2017

Playboy Playmate and Fitness Model Karen McDougal Ill from Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Another playmate speaks up about Breast Implant Illness (BII). Karen McDougal, former Playboy Playmate and now fitness model had strange symptoms;  headaches, dizziness and started to blackout. After sharing her concerns with a long time friend, he connected the dots and shared how his wife had BII. Karen then did research about Breast Implant Illness and spoke to many others who have suffered. On January 31, 2017 she removed her implants in Florida with Dr. Rankin at Aqua Plastic Surgery.  You can read Karen’s story here.

~Anne Ziegenhorn

February 22nd, 2017


National Travesty to Women’s Health and Taxpayers Money!

Breast Implants




Taxpayers money is being used to pay for medical tests on

the same patient over and over again. These patients are

women who are sick, but no one seem to be able to

diagnose them. They are having expensive imaging done,

blood work, unnecessary surgeries because there is no clear

answer as to what is wrong.


Many of these female patients end up losing their jobs,

health insurance, sometimes they lose their spouses to

divorce from the stresses and strains of what a friend calls,

“a man made illness” that can be stopped.


How is Taxpayer money being used?


The women get ill from multiple things that do not seem to match any one defined illness according to doctors. They can no longer function and doctors can not find a problem; then he/she sends her home.

Most of these women can not think to continue to question their doctor or to switch doctors and keep asking questions. Many women go home and their spouse, mother, father, sister, brother and/or any family member start to say things like, “well, the doctor said nothing is wrong” or “go back to work it’s in your head”.

This causes a chain reaction in the women and they question themselves thinking they are going crazy and all this stress causes them to get sicker. Now, she physically ill, add mental stress from the lack of support from medical field and family members, then in addition many of the women lose their friends as well from not being able to socialize as her health declines.

Here is where Taxpayer money comes in.

As the women get sicker and sicker they lose their career, they lose medical insurance and then apply for unemployment, food stamps, medicaid and disability. I will get back to this.


You see, I am a former plastic surgeon scrub tech and I was one of these women.


I have seen many people come in and out of the plastic surgeon's office wanting to look better. It could be a facelift, Rhinoplasty (nose job), Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Breast Reduction or augmentation (Boob job/breast implant) and Breast Implants after mastectomy.


A good surgeon will deliver what the patient wants. A great surgeon has results that are stunning and natural looking so no one will think anything has been done.  There are plastic surgeon who do what they feel is best and disregard the

                                                                       patient’s wants or talk patients into something they are not asking for.


As Co-Founder of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee one of the things women tell us and we are hearing this more and more in online private groups, “I went in for a breast lift after breastfeeding my children and the surgeon said I would not be happy unless I had the implants too”  or  “I wanted a lift and the surgeon said I had to have implants to make it look better and may not need a lift at all once the implants are in”. Another woman stated, “I asked for a C cup and woke up with double D’s”.


Many breast cancer survivors are automatically told about breast implants for reconstruction, but not given all options out there. My mother was a breast cancer survivor and before we knew if she needed a mastectomy or not, breast implants for reconstruction was brought up, but not muscle and fat transfer. Muscle and fat transfer is using your own body to replace the breast and this option was not discussed.  In a story featured this week from Our Bodies Our Selves, it takes a look at women who had mastectomies and reconstruction surgery; one plastic surgeon admits the focus is on how a woman looks rather than giving the full informed consent. They do mention possible loss of nipple sensation, capsular contraction but not near the information that needs to be told.

There is also ALCL: cancer of the lymphatic system (immune system) caused by breast implants. In the private chat groups know the numbers of this cancer are higher from the lack of testing. We, the survivors are informing women to be tested upon explanting especially if they have textured implants, but even smooth implants no matter if silicone or saline have been shown to cause BIAALCL. ****UPDATE**** 2/12/19 FDA admits Breast Implants can Cause Cancer BREAKING NEWS*
The FDA sent out letters to doctors and specialists regarding the process of identifying and reporting their cases of Breast Implant Associated

I know first hand from being in the plastic surgery industry, not all correct information is giving to the patient, as a matter of fact, not all correct information was given to me. I was told that test and studies were done and breast implants are safe. It seems the majority of Plastic Surgeon and doctors make this statement over and over without any forethought.

That statement, seemed to put many women’s minds to rest,

because the doctors pledge the Hippocratic Oath:

the simple version states; “first to do NO harm”;

most patients believe what their doctors say and recommend.


When I worked as a plastic surgeon scrub tech I was told that

implants have been studied and tested and deemed safe;

those women are just money hungry and want to sue.


What I was not told was the manufacturers did their own

testing and studies on breast implants, not a third a party

I remember the sales representative carried studies results

with them to show us.


Who am I to question what they showed?

In my mind, it was confirmation implants were safe. I did not

know doing their own studies gave them the ability to release

a woman from the study when she complained to certain symptoms since being implanted.


I can go on and on about this. In my opinion, the fraudulent ways of big pharma and the concealed manufacturer faulty products. There is a much bigger story to all this!


Let's get back to Taxpayers money!


Many of the women who suddenly develop allergies, start to get frequent upper respiratory infections, Thyroid issues, sensitivity to lights, sounds or chemicals, heightened smell, migraines, bladder infections, vertigo, acne, slow wound healing, joint pain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, could have diagnosis of Lyme, Lupus, Sjorjreon's, Raynauds along with other mixed connective tissue diseases and more.

Just one of these can be isolated incident, but having them repeatedly or in combination (it can be vertigo, joint pain or other symptoms, see list), maybe the doctor should look for a common factor.

                                                  Does the patient have breast implants?


If so, suggest she remove them, have insurance pay for the surgery to remove them (by a proper qualified ex-plant surgeon, see list). Many women feel better after their implants are removed. HOWEVER, it does depend on the length of time they were inside her. Is there permanent damage from them? Is there any co-infections that need to be treated?


The FDA states only about 20% of those implanted get sick from implants. Our private groups suggest a much higher figure, almost the opposite at approximately 80%. Several explant surgeons I have spoken with and interviewed have suggested implants will make all women ill eventually. Some doctors and surgeons are now admitting they see great improvement in their patient's health after their explant. Sadly, many doctors report that the medical field does not state there is such a thing as Breast

Implant Illness(BII). We survivors beg to differ.

During the Dow Corning lawsuit a judge along with attorneys and doctors came up with a disease claim for the women to receive monies from manufacturers.


The definition of DISEASE is any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown.

Another problem with Breast Implants for the Taxpayer as my friend stated it is a man made illness and can be stopped! How can it be stopped?

1. By forcing the manufacturers to stop selling until they have 3rd party studies completed.

2. By forcing the doctors to give a written INFORMED consent to women 3-5 days prior to surgery, so they can read and take in possible adverse reactions. They should sign it with a witness present at the ofice to give formal consent then surgery may be scheduled.

3. Doctor’s should be pretesting woman for the contraindicated illnesses before getting implanting. For example ladies should be tested and evaluated for Lyme, MTHFR Gene Mutation and other autoimmune illness. Implants are a foreign object and the body will attack it. If a woman is already predisposed to autoimmune illness through family history then she is NOT a candidate.

I know first hand that is not happening in the plastic surgery industry.

The FDA has a data base of breast implant complaints. I have a copy of turning mine in yet when I went to look it up on the quick search engine it seems no one filed a complaint in that whole month yet I have a hard copy of mine filed with the date it was received, yet the FDA website states no complaints filed.

Many women are not aware that they need to file an incident report, but our fb groups have since educated the ladies. According to the FDA it is mandatory for ALL medical facilities to file all defected devices report; even if it is removed for a consumers complaint that something is wrong, but most medical facilities do not file it.


Click here to access the patient form to file your complaint.


Manufacturers send sales reps into doctors offices to sell their products. I can state what I was told by the companies representatives to tell patients since not only did I work in the industry, but I am also a survivor of the lies told to me. I was lied to by the manufacturers as a person who was to assure the patients the product was safe.  Had I known then what I know now, maybe these products would not be on the market to date as more and more women are banning together to get the truth out.


The travesty in all of this for me is, what they told me seemed believable until I got sick, I was misdiagnosed, I had organs removed and I almost died.  WEAR Channel 3 News with Laura Hussey, this story went viral

All social media outlets covered the story, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Google, local TV and radio stations world wide.

More Press:

WPSD Channel 6 with Jennifer Horbelt Nov. 19th 2015 


The Doctor’s TV Show filmed Dec. 2015 aired Jan. 20, 2016


WEAR Channel 3 did a follow up story June 2016 because Animal Planet’s Monster’s Inside Me was coming into town to film

Animal Planet Monster’s Inside Me Season 7, episode 2 1st air date Oct. 2016 to present.


We have been in Magazine Articles, radio stations and pod casts as well.

Thank you Nancy Pratt for allowing the use of your graphics.


Trace Cee use of you tube video: excellent job, thank you~\


How you can help


We have secured March as National Breast Implant Awareness Month! Would you please Help us explant ladies who have no insurance and do not qualify for medicaid or disability yet?

Your gift can help us to bring awareness to this devastating illness and help us to help women who have been abandoned by doctors and insurance companies to to get the surgery that will save her life.

Click here to help

Thank you for reading, sharing and giving.

~ Anne Ziegenhorn, Co Founder of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee


Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro addresses the FDA’s failure to protect women.

The New York Times Addresses ALCL Cancer In Women With Breast Implants

Picture2 (1).png
A Day of Breast Implant Illness Awareness Feb. 13, 2017

Breast Implants

February 13, 2017 is the date chosen to post their profile pictures with the Breast Implant Illness Ribbons. Last year so many ladies participated, it helped bring a lot of awareness to the illness that so many of us have. It allowed for others to look into it, share information and helped so many question if this could be what is causing their strange list of symptoms which many doctors have been unable to diagnose. Furthermore, we want to promote positive body image and ensure ladies get proper knowledge prior to choosing Breast Implants. Our mission as BII survivors and advocates is to not merely raise awareness but to remind the doctors of the oath they took.


The Breast Implant Illness Community has the same opportunity to have entire month of March that will be on National Calendar Day’s website, radio and TV news stations around the entire nation will share it, along with all social media and some big names listed in photos below. There is a 1 time fee for the promoters to write the professional campaign. There are 3 levels to choose from: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Gold being the most expensive but has the most exposure.


If just 1000 people donated $5.00 each we would achieve Gold and have the most exposure with prime time media. We understand many have no money but they may have a friend or family member who can donate the $5.00 on your behalf. The money will not only pay to secure the month forever but any funds left over will continue to help pay for ladies ex-plant.


As we celebrate this day imagine having the whole month along with seeing it all over social media and the radio.

Huge Thank You to Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith Blog for her support of TITS Committee!!!

Breast Implants

This week I felt led to fast fb. I am not sure why, but I trust that inner voice I have. I am now seeing all the blessings that have been pouring out from places I never would have thought. A good friend who is not on fb called me, she had no idea of our fundraiser campaign. She saw the blog Shari had written about on plastic surgery and the devastation to some ladies lives. My friend stated I had to open my email and read the blog Shari had written. Then she encouraged me to reach out to Shari.


After reading the blog, I agreed that I needed reach out to Shari via email. Well, Shari emailed me back to set up a call and after we spoke she asked if she could share my story on her blog.


I just finished reading it and feel so grateful to Shari for putting our information out there.  Please thank her by checking her website and blog out as well. See below her article on National Breast Implant Illness Awareness Month.

A Reader’s Experience – Breast Implant Illness

Thank you all,

Anne Ziegenhorn

February 9th, 2017

National Breast Implant Awareness Month

Breast Implants

Would you please help us get an entire MONTH for BREAST IMPLANT AWARENESS?


Breast Implant Illness has devastating effects, not only to the women but their entire family, their physical, emotional and financial health.


Your donation will directly help our BII Community to further advocate for women’s health, bring awareness of breast implants at a national level  & change the landscape of Federal Policy to protect women’s health through awareness via a National Calendar Month.


The Implant Truth Survivors Committee applied last year for having Breast Implant Awareness own month of observation so that we can have even more impact in not only our nation, but the world & awareness that BII is a actual disease state.


There were 18,000 applications received; they only chose 30 to have a day, a week or a month.


The National Calendar Day committee chose March as Breast Implant Awareness Month!!!


Please Donate Here.




Save lives by helping our TITS Committee  (Implant Truth Survivors Committee).


*Website $100 - Done


*Regster for EIN approx $150.00 - Done


*make nonprofit approx $850.00 – Done


*$3000 – $5000 will pay for The National Calendar Registry, advertisement written by professional campaign team, Official kick off by The National Registry Day/Week/Month Foundation. – DONE!


*All other funds are continuous to help ladies ex-plant. We have been able to donate money in the past to help ladies pay their surgeons to ensure they were ex-planted.


*fund ex-plants from the best doctors who know all about Implant Illness and do the proper ex-plant surgeries – we have helped to pay for a few ladies to get the rest of their surgeries paid for (we pay the surgeon directly).


*Many women are so ill and they need help filing their  insurance so they can get reimbursed and hopefully have funds remaining to provide the after care detox their doctor order.


*Continue to assist ladies to get pre-authorization and reimbursements from their insurance companies~




You Can Donate Here

Anne’s Experience with Mycoplasma and Supporting Information of Secondary Infections

Breast Implants

Many ladies with breast implants suffer from

secondary infections that can cause false diagnosis

from medical professionals. This video shows how

Anne Ziegenhorn had to go through IV treatments

for mycoplasma blood infection at the cellular level

which traveled to her joints and kidneys. Anne’s

stomach and intestines do not absorb the oral

antibiotics and still to date oral antibiotics do not

work in Anne’s system.


Using Non-GMO and chemical free products help

reduce inflammation, pro and pre-biotics are crucial

for gut health. One source is Good-Belly products:

Here is a video of a doctor that explains the major issues with mycoplasma blood infection.


A friend of Anne’s introduced her to a wonderful organic, Non-GMO referral shopping club that has been around for years and recently revamped the shopping experience and line of products. Anne has been testing them out and found they do not make her have an autoimmune flare up. Here is a link to check it out. Email Anne any questions at


A great source for Non-GMO and chemical free products is this website which is similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco. You are a customer, no selling required; membership in February is $1.00!!! YES, $1.00. Place a back up order (not charged , just in holding). Order 35 points in products per month and it is that simple to save money on products you already use.


Anne has met so many incredible women through Breast Implant Illness and the News shows had women flocking to The Implant Truth Website and fb page along with many private support groups.  Teegan Braun is one of those ladies Anne met. Teegan introduced Anne to Wildtree an Organic, Non-GMO, No peanuts and 85% of their foods are Gluten-Free and they offer dairy free options. Anne loved the products so much Anne is now offering them to anyone who feels led to try them.


It is amazing how making a changing some dietary will help to heal the body that much quicker. Not everyone needs the same treatments and we state we are NOT doctors, although many failed us, but still check with your physician before taking any kind of supplement. What is right for one person may not be right for you. More to come on how many women lost their career and what they are doing now.

~ Anne Ziegenhorn

February 8th, 2017

Breast Implants Direct Link to Immune System (Lymphatic) Cancer – ALCL

Breast Implants, Media

Raylene Hollrah survived breast cancer and did what many women do. She agreed to get silicone breast implants for reconstruction. What she was not expecting was to be diagnosed with yet another cancer that is connected to breast implants – Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BII-ALCL).


Doctors did not disclose to Raylene that this was a possibility nor that this type of cancer was known to be associated with the textured implants she received.


While in the USA this form of cancer is believed to be rare, this excerpt from the article addresses this:


In the U.S., the lifetime risk of developing ALCL is low, according to Clemens: 1 in 30,000. But in Australia, it’s 1 in 1,000. Tomes believes the hard-to-believe statistical difference proves that the disease is under-reported. Plastic surgeons say they are eager to find out why so they can inform responsibly and accurately.

Recently Raylene was interviewed by ABC7/Kimberly Suiters where Raylene discusses her previous breast cancer win only to get another cancer from the breast implants placed after her mastectomy.


Introduction Video


Here is the link to the Facebook live video that reported Kimberly Suiters did to introduce the topic and Raylene’s story: Facebook Live Video (NOTE: You’ll need to be logged into Facebook to see this video)


Full Article


You can read the entire article by clicking on this link: Woman who beat breast cancer once says breast implants caused cancer again 

~ Anne Ziegenhorn

February 8th, 2017

Chrissy Penn’s Story of Breast Implant Illness (Video)

Breast Implants, Personal Story

Surgery To Correct A Breast Deformity with Breast Implants; Your Body, Your

Decision, Your Right To Be Informed.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Trading One Problem Only To Gain More

Meet Chrissy Penn; a YouTube Fashionistasta, blogger, wife, mother, MS warrior,

and advocate for breast implant illness.


Chrissy has a common type of breast abnormality many women have. At the

young age of 15, her insecurity and lack of self confidence influenced her decision

to have breast reconstruction surgery with saline textured breast implants.


This is when the struggle with multiple health issues began.  Now at the age of 40, she has documented her struggle with various health issues which perplexed many doctors, and how an “AH- HA” moment led to answers and finally – a direction toward healing physically and emotionally.


Learning from others may help one relate to a specific story and in turn empowering yourself with the knowledge to make a decision that could affect your life.


“I feel more hope then I ever have about my future.” ~Chrissy

You can visit Chrissy’s website here:

Vitamin D, healing and health (Video)

Video Blog Post

Today Anne Ziegenhorn, co-founder of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee, offers her personal experience and some information she’s found that can help us understand the need for natural Vitamin D and how we can get enough of it.

Some additional info for you to consider can be found at the following links:


Vitamin D: Vital Role in Your Health 

The 7 Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D Fact Sheet 

Terri Able’s Story of Recovering From Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Personal Story

Today I am celebrating five years since I had a surgery that saved my life; breast

implant removal along with total capsulectomy with en-bloc.  

I am a survivor of BII (breast implant illness).


I was extremely sick for eight years prior, and medical doctors kept giving me

medicine, and calling out illnesses.  I finally found a specialist in Atlanta, Dr.

Susan Kolb ,  and she finally diagnosed me. She knew what I had just by looking

at my skin color. I had saline implants with mold growing in the saline releasing

all kinds of bacteria and toxins into my system.


Both silicone and saline implants are made with a silicone shell which they seem

to forget to tell you. It’s a very serious disease which causes you to have thirty to

forty ailments and could possibly take your life.


I had a matter of months, and honestly if I hadn’t found the answer when I did,

I was about to end mine. I don’t want to get into it much at this time, but it has           

taken 3-5 years, a lot of treatments, lymphatic drainage monthly, (because

lymphnodes no longer work in right arm or chest), brain treatments, support,

and detoxing to feel as great as I do now.

If you have implants and experience auto immune problems, neurological problems, brain fog, lesions, memory loss, weight gain, interstitial cystitis, hair loss, depression, high anxiety, panic attacks, connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, stabbing pains behind breast into back, numbness in limbs, electric shock in arms, gastrointestinal problems, gallbladder issues, joint pain, food allergies, getting diagnosed with RA, lupus, ms – anything that has started after you had them put in, please look into it further.


Regular doctors look at you like you’re crazy and need psychiatric help. The risk of

suicide is extremely high with this illness. You literally start to loose your mind. I know

my body more than anybody and was gonna fight until I got answers. Sometimes

had two doctor appointments a day.


Thousands and thousands of women are sharing their stories now, and there are

great support groups online, which I wish were there when I had gone through it. But

ladies, if there’s any advice I can give….”be happy with the body god has given you,

don’t be afraid to age gracefully, embrace the journey.”

Love to All!!!


~ Terri Abel

October 24, 2016

We Are Survivors NOT Victims of Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast Implants

We Are Survivors

You are not alone! No matter what you have been through, know there are others.


It could be rape, bullying, cancer, injury from an accident or from another person, abuse (physical, emotion, sexual or all) or illness caused by  health care that we trusted was safe.


Just know, regardless of your life circumstances, that you are not alone.

Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome

For many of us who have Breast Implant Illness (BII) we know that it IS real.


This is an illness known as Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome induced by Adjuvants (ASIA).


In our case silicone was the adjuvant, or the thing that was to support our health or improve our lives in some way, that has become the trigger for the immune response that has made us so ill.


Keep in mind that ALL breast/expanders, calf, lip, buttocks, chin, cheek implants are made using a silicone shell.

Breast Implant Illness Is An Injury!

Breast Implant Illness, is an injury from:

  • Poisonous ingredients

  • Manufacturer faulty valves which cause biotoxins (bacteria

pathogens) and possibly mold/fungus

  • The lies and deceit of Mentor (J&J) and Allergan


Victim? Or Survivor?


A victim may feel ashamed, depressed and take to heart the

situation that happened and they beat themselves up over what

has happened.


They hold onto it, replaying it over and over, and think of a way

they could have changed what happened; ultimately feeling like it

is their fault. They get stuck in the mode of being a victim.


When being a victim, a person tends to lash out at others, they tend to start blaming others for things, they say I can’t and while all this is happening they do not realize what they are doing.


Many people in this situation get angered at others easily and push them away.


While it is NORMAL to feel anger at difficult life circumstances that are beyond our control – oftentimes those stuck in victim mode cannot seem to move passed what has happened to them.

The Shift


For others who might have gone through the same thing, they feel angered at what happened and become stronger from these experiences; determined to not allow those who hurt them to continue to hurt them.


They find their way to a grateful life. They are grateful for the the people in their lives, and they tend to view life more preciously.


The Survivor chooses to forgive, or at least let go of the anger towards the other person or people who have caused them harm, which allows the survivor to move forward and get things done, even forgiving themselves for past mistakes.


The Survivor recognizes that to be free of the past is necessary for the past circumstances to not control them or their lives today.


This could be going back to living life as it was before what happened – happened.


Or it could be taking action to help others like themselves to make a difference and work to help prevent it from happening to others.


For those of us who have been through a tragic ordeal our reaction to it lets us know if we are a stuck in being a victim – or choosing to be a survivor.



I want to give you hope that all of us can become the survivor.


Look at all you have been through and you are still here. Your story can help another. Your story can shed light on the wrongs that we want to make right.


For me?


I became a survivor when I chose to forgive, to let go of the anger, the resentment and hatred that could have clouded my vision for a better future. Forgiveness is so powerful. By forgiving the other person/people involved, it frees us from their hold and allows us to create our future.


In breast implant illness I chose to forgive the doctors who misdiagnosed me, I forgave the FDA and manufacturers for their lies and deceit and I forgave myself for not loving me as I was made; perfect in His image. Freedom is ours when we can forgive ourselves and choose to let go of the anger.


I am a survivor. WE are a SURVIVORS!

One last thing…..


We want your survivor stories to post!


Please use the contact form here to submit your story and

how you have found hope after BII.


We are not alone in this and themore we can share our

stories the more awareness we can bring to the issue of

Breast Implant Illness.


Thank you for your support and in advance for sharing

your story with us!


~ Anne Ziegenhorn

October 23rd, 2016

Co-founder of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee



Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (Shoenfeld’s syndrome):

clinical and immunological spectrum. (ASIA includes siliconosis)


Evolved World – Victim or Survivor: Which are you?


Love Coach Journey – Victim or Survivor Mentality

How Breast Implants Could Ruin Your Sex Life

Personal Story

This is an article that discusses the experiences of Paula Blades and Anne Ziegenhorn and how breast implants impacted their sex life.


Here’s an excerpt:

Paula Blades, 47, got saline breast implants in 1992. Before her surgery, she was always self-conscious about her small breasts. “I had been teased my whole life,” she said in a phone interview.


After having her breast implants redone in 1994, Blades noticed something curious about her body. “I didn’t have any sensation in my nipples after [surgery],” she said. “My hormone and thyroid glands bottomed out.


It only got worse from there. “For years I hated sex. It hurt,” she said. “My husband and I discussed getting a divorce during that time.

Blades went online to research her symptoms and found dozens of other women with breast implants were experiencing similar issues. Finally, everything became clear when several doctors, including plastic surgeon

Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta, Georgia, told her the new ailments might be related to her implants.

You can read the rest of this article here

List of Resources for Cancer Screening (Cancer Awareness Month)


The Implant Truth Survivors Committee recently reached out to The American Cancer Society because we know they have a list of resources. The woman we spoke with was very helpful. Here is a list of resources that ladies can contact. Some are for free services and others possible financial assistance.


American Essential Hospitals Safety Net Program


This is available to assist uninsured people seeking help.


For more information you can visit their website here and look for a providing Hospital on this list.


Breast and Cervical Screening


For more information on accessing these services you can do a web search for Breast and Cervical Screening and include your location.


Every Woman Counts Program – California


Low Income Uninsured Breast and Cervical Screening


American Breast Cancer Foundation 


Grants to screen mammograms and MRI – you can visit their website here.


Susan G. Koleman


For The Cure Emergency Funding


American Society of Plastic Surgeons



Amanda’s Story – One Year Explant Anniversary!

Personal Story


Today, October 1, 2016, is my 1 Year anniversary for getting my explant surgery.


I was blessed to be explanted by Dr Susan Kolb. Without her knowledge &

expertise, countless women around the world would not know what’s wrong with



Dr. Kolb is a plastic surgeon who had breast implants herself and became aware of

Breast Implant Illness (BII) through her own and her patients personal experience.

She is the only surgeon in the world who not only explants, but treats ALL of the

multiple co-infections that are so very common with this illness. She also has a

detox plan specially designed for each patient & their particular needs.


Today is the 1 year mark that she not only saved my life, but gave me my life back.

The life that I had given up on with all my medical problems.


Chronic cough, chronic fatigue, abdominal bloating, multiple GI issues, vision

problems, trigeminal neuralgia, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, lesions on my body,

headaches, interstitial cystitis, frequent urination, weight gain, brain fog, memory

loss, joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, shortness of breath, dry mouth, muscle

weakness, slow healing, depression, inflammation, night sweats, confusion, and



As soon as I awoke from surgery, all my neurological pain & symptoms went away immediately! A year later, I’m still work in progress, but I get more life in my face as the months go by. A year later, my body is still readjusting.


I’m blessed that Dr. Kolb is still here for me, a year later, answering my questions and treating me if and when I need her. I had mold growing inside my saline breast implants and they were leaking in my body from manufacturers defect faulty valves.


Many people think they would know if their implants were leaking b/c they would shrink right? WRONG!!! Mine and many other ladies whose implants were leaking actually gained fluid from our chest wall into our implants and it’s called “auto inflation” where the leaky valve leaks fluid out and sucks it back in back and forth like a backwash system!


This toxic moldy fluid made me extremely ill. I’m not 100%, but I’m so much better than I was before surgery. I’ve already gotten more back than I ever dreamed possible. For that alone, I’m beyond blessed. I may have some issues that I will have to deal with forever from the damage that was done.


From having mold growing in my body, I’m now highly susceptible! Anytime I’m exposed to mold in the environment/public, anywhere, my body will react and I will get sick and bloat and need antifungals and a special diet to kill the fungus that will want to thrive in my body.


If you have implants and are having a lot of medical issues, thyroid issues, or autoimmune issues, it’s probably not coincidence, it’s probably your breast implants slowly poisoning you. Whether you have saline or silicone, they are all made of the same silicone shell.


Breast implants start releasing toxins from the shell within minutes of being placed into your body. Some ladies don’t get sick as quick as others because it’s the body’s natural response to fight off symptoms. Some of us have stronger immune systems and our immune systems can keep up longer than others. Some of us are not so fortunate. Eventually, your body won’t be able to keep fighting and warding off the symptoms and you will start to sick.


People need to know what to look out for. I suffered way too long not knowing that it was my implants. We should have all been informed of what really can happen. The manufacturers and the plastic surgeons are not telling people the ugly facts. If they would, nobody in their right mind would get them.


If your sick and have implants, please don’t rush out and just get them removed by any run of the mill plastic surgeon. Do your research on explant Dr’s and please find a reputable surgeon who will remove your implants CORRECTLY! Correctly would be enbloc or total capsulectomy depending on your particular case after being evaluated by a reputable explant surgeon.


If you’re symptomatic from your implants, don’t give up! They must be properly removed and you may need treatment (some more than others, some not so much, some none at all), but after, you can live a happy life again.


Don’t give up! I almost did and if I would have, I wouldn’t be here to help spread awareness today!

There’s more than light at the end of the tunnel, there’s promise! And there’s God’s promise, We are never truly fighting anything alone! God Bless! 

Anne Ziegenhorn on Monsters Inside Me (Animal Planet) This Thursday

Personal Story

Thursday October 13th at 10EST the television show Monsters Inside Me highlighted Anne Ziegenhorns story and her experience with breast implants:

"I kept searching for what was making me so ill and baffled multiple doctors (I’m talking 18-20 Dr.’s including The Mayo Clinic). Doctors did not believe that I knew my own body as well as I do. It started with blurred vision and 15-20lbs unexplained weight gain. I went 8 months unable to speak and just the thought of speaking caused excruciating pain. I wrote on a dry erase board and texted. I was lethargic, had a strangulation feeing X’s 10,  when I tried to speak on a good day it is a super strange froggy toad sound with lots of pain, blurred vision, headaches, the strain my body feels makes a permanent crease in the brow furrow,

fingers/ toes split open and bleed, the sores on my feet comes back and breaks open, I bruise easily, I look swollen, the lesions on my face are awful, I am so depressed at how I look and feel, yet I know I am a positive outgoing person so I put make up on and pretend I am happy; but I feel like dying…I feel like a freak, I feel ugly. What was/is it?"

Here is a sneak peek of this episode:

You can watch this segment of Monsters Inside Me on Animal Planet


The Animal Planet website is here


The television show Monsters Inside Me has hosted other episodes that include breast implants, including one that highlighted Dr. Susan Kolb that you can view here.


Thank you for visiting The Implant Truth Survivors Committee website; our goal and mission is to educate and inform others about the dangers of implants by sharing our own experiences.


Please remember to share.


Join our Facebook page here.

~ The Media Team

October 11th 2016

Silicone Breast Implants and Lymphoma


~ By Aimee Murphy




  Publisher: BioMed Central September 15, 2016


  Journal of Medical Case Reports 2016


Note: The link to the article is provided below. We strongly encourage you to print it out and address your concerns and questions with your doctor.


Article link:




NHL:  Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, also called non-Hodgkin lymphoma, is cancer that originates in your lymphatic system, the disease-fighting network spread throughout your body.


ALCL: ANAPLASTIC LARGE CELL LYMPHOMA is a rare type of NHL, and one of the subtypes of T-cell lymphoma. ALCL comprises about one percent of all NHLs and approximately 16 percent of all T-cell lymphomas. Initial symptoms of ALCL can include fever, backache, painless swelling of lymph nodes, loss of appetite, and tiredness.


IVLBC: Intravascular Large B-Cell Lymphoma (ILBCL) is a rare, B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It has been suggested that genetics are key to who is susceptible.


MAS: Macrophage Activation Syndrome is an uncontrolled immune system response that works in overdrive, leading to too much inflammation in the entire body.




ALCL is a known and documented risk associated with breast implants. However, this is the first published case report that involves IVLBC. Diagnosis requires a histological examination of the breast capsule.


The article also explains how a silicone adjuvant produces severe neurological symptoms in which we are all too familiar with, and the severity of damage to organs if the adjuvant is not removed. This is why it is so important to remove both the implants and capsules.


Even though the discovery of IVLBCL involves a silicone fill implant, the silicone shell is the main instigator. Based on this,  saline implants are not excluded.


Genetic Testing


Knowing what health conditions you are predisposed to gives you the power to make an informed decision regarding your health. For further information on how to get tested, refer to the link provided below:


Full Journal Citation: Moling, O., Piccin, A., Tauber, M., Marinello, P., Canova, M., Casini, M., . . . Billio, A. (2016). Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma associated with silicone breast implant, HLA-DRB1*11:01, and HLA-DQB1*03:01 manifesting as macrophage activation syndrome and with severe neurological symptoms: A case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports, 10(1). doi:10.1186/s13256-016-0993-5

Dana Schmidt’s Story

Personal Story

Many women struggle with breast implant illness and are left with no

recourse. The medical community abandons us, insurance, of course

refuses to to cover that which is not recognized or acknowledged.

Today we’d like to share Dana Schmidt’s story and struggle of living

with Breast Implant Illness (BII).

I received my saline breast implants in October 2006. My husband

and I were running a small business servicing the food industry in Las

Vegas, Nevada. With the struggling economy we lost our home and

found it necessary to move into rentals. Eventually we found it

impossible to both pay rent on a home and a business storefront and out of necessity we moved into our shop as we tried all we could to keep our small business going. We gave it everything we could muster but we lost our business in 2011.

I had been so sick we and we thought that because doctors didn’t know why that maybe I would recover away from the many stresses surrounding us. So we sold our machinery, closed up our shop and moved to a small, quiet town in California February 2011 to start over.


Currently, my husband works fulltime doing his best to support us in a very basic simple life on his modest pay. Our credit is shot we are unable to qualify for any loans. We have no savings. We are paycheck to paycheck.


As the years have gone by, I have become weaker and sicker with an increased rapid decline in my health since 2013. I am now unable to function as a normal person. The guilt and regret felt by both my husband and myself is suffocating. We were assured saline breast implants were safe. We were not told the truth. We were not told about the forty toxic chemicals used in making the bags, we were not told that mold and fungus could grow within them or the known faulty valves that make this possible. Breast implants have destroyed my health. No breast implant is safe. They are toxic.


The illnesses and pains caused by the implants have completely destroyed my health. My entire life has changed dramatically. I am dyeing a slow horrible death. I am asking for help as embarrassing as it is. I have no other CHOICE.


The stressful toll my illness has taken in my personal life is indescribable. I lost all my forty’s I am now a month into my fifties. I spend most all of my time now in bed trying to focus to help myself and doing my best to bring awareness to these issues.


I’m unable to walk, stand or sit normally for more than a few minutes. I do force myself to move around several times in a 24 hour period. It is exhausting. My body collapses in horrific pain within minutes of being on my feet. But lying in bed is also not my answer to relief. I can never get comfortable in any position. Breathing is a struggle. I haven’t taken a normal breath since before I was put under to receive what I was assured were safe saline filled implants.


My Facebook posts are dedicated to this horrible nightmare, “Breast Implant Illness” is real, but it’s been a long difficult road to find out what has been stealing my life.


My symptoms seem endless. The pains are constant and severe. Pain is relentless through my chest, back, shoulders and my ribs feel as if they are being pushed and pulled apart. I have constant stabbing and burning sensations, severe pain that never stops all the way to the bottom of my feet. Headaches are always with me often turning into unrelenting migraines that lasts for days.


I have memory problems and foggy confusion. it is a constant struggle trying to focus. I spend hours trying to organize what I write in a trembling panic. My appetite is gone. I never feel hunger. I force myself to eat, I nourish my body with broth either tomato, chicken or beef bouillon cubes and I try to have frozen blueberries daily along with lemon water and grapefruit juice. This is my diet.


I take over the counter least expensive vitamins and supplements. With my head constantly throbbing, spinning, ringing in my ears and dizziness, I deal with constant nausea. I have an awful chemical taste and smell that is always with me.


Using my arms is extremely difficult, I’m weak and enveloped in serious debilitating pain. My insides throb with horrible pain and aches. My body always feels like it’s got Vicks Mentholated Vapor Rub spreading through my insides from my chest throughout my body; the burning cold pain is horrible.


I suffer from hair loss, rashes, hives, itchiness and burning, tingling and numbness. I feel my body affected in so many ways, for so long, that I can’t stand it. Many times I completely fall apart emotionally. I do not feel suicidal I do want to live. But I do feel hopelessness and doom. Anxiety, panic and depression is ready to pounce.


My left breast went flat and empty last May but then began swelling a couple weeks later. My right breast has been changing shape (leakage). They both burn with throbbing pains, stinging fire needles shooting through me. The deep intense Itching is awful and often brings me to tears.


Unable to find relief is devastating. I have strange swelling in places I shouldn’t have. I have choking constantly.  Intestinal and Bladder infections that can only be explained by cause of mold, fungus, and candida overgrowth in my body brought on by these Saline Implants. I have pictures that are embarrassing showing details of this. I feel like my body has a high fever. I feel like I’m burning up on the inside while I feel so cold on the outside. Clothing is Painful to wear because my skin is so sensitive I only wear soft flowing pull overs.


These are some of my symptoms all brought on by “BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS” that is ignored by the countless medical professionals I have seen over the past years with and without medical insurance. I have had countless tests, and misdiagnoses, no one believed and or realized that foreign objects in my body was making me sick. My symptoms were not as severe in the beginning but were affecting my daily life while I Constantly sought out HELP as I felt my body rebelling.


I now no longer can afford insurance. I hope to be able to rejoin the living and earn my own way in the future after suffering for years unable to work, drive or take care of my home.


My life has been forever changed.


I will never forget what my suffering has cost me: financially, emotionally and personally, the price I have paid is extremely high. I have lost so much and so many.


I spent years as a certified nursing assistant and I never met anyone with as many debilitating symptoms on a regular basis as I experience because of BII.


I am overwhelmed with regret. I put my life at risk unknowingly and I will never take for granted a single day the rest of my days.


Like many other women before me have already shown, I can be saved through explanting (having implants removed). By having these Toxic POISONOUS bags removed from my body, then to begin a detoxification process to eliminate the many chemicals used in making implants that have been poisoning me for almost a decade I can have a chance to get my life back.


This illness has taken everything from me has affected every aspect of my life. I want to be a BII Survivor and spend the rest of my life giving back helping others in any way I can.


Thank YOU for taking your time to read my story.


Sincerely with all my heart I thank YOU.

~ Dana

September 17th, 2017

T.I.T.S. Media receives positive feedback from Kentucky State Officials



Anne Ziegenhorn and I attended the 136th Annual Fancy Farm Picnic in Fancy Farm, Kentucky. We found this event to be quite different from the usual political events we are both familiar with.


The crowd got quite rambunctious. Although we personally found it disrespectful the way each parties supporters would chant and yell during the speeches, this is quite normal for the Fancy Farm Picnic. We saw one Democratic supporter removed by security.


Below was our first TITS Media first political event.  We were in the media section during the speeches and met several media

outlets.  It was a wonderful networking opportunity for us to bring awareness to Implant Illness.


It was quite the spur of the moment decision to attend. We were just talking Friday morning and I mentioned to

Anne that I was considering going and the next thing I know Friday night Anne arrives at my doorstep.


Anne and I are so focused and determined to take every opportunity we can find to get the word out. We did a couple of tv interviews and will see if we made it on their coverage of the event.


We have been told we were seen on KET TV that was

filming it live but have not yet seen it.  Carroll Hubbard,

former U.S. Kentucky House Representative, had 

interviewed Anne and I.  He wanted to know who we

were voting for. We stated whomever is going to throw

their support our way and assist in getting Ariel Grace’s

Law and the Medical Device Guardian Act passed.


The Republican elected officials and candidates

definitely outnumbered the Democrats. The Republicans

during their speeches referred to it every opportunity

they had.  Mitch McConnell U.S. Senator and Rand Paul

U.S. Senator both spoke and left almost immediately

after. Kay Hagan, Senator from N.C., was the surrogate

speaker for Hillary Clinton made comment to their

impromptu exit then ironically left after her speech.

We decided to move to the back where all the speakers where exiting.  It turned out to be a very productive decision. We were able to get the attention of James Comer, State Representative, who is running for Congress and had the pleasure of meeting his wife.


We explained who we were and went over Ariel Grace’s Law and The Medical Device Guardian Act.  He was very interested and stated he would definitely look into our cause. Mrs. Comer encourage him to spend more time with us and to take more photos. We would like to thank her for her generous support of our cause.


I (Paula) was able to do the same and speak with the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin.  He stated that we needed to speak with Senator Ralph Alvarado who is also a physician and would ensure our information would get into the right hands.

Ironically, Anne was already speaking

with Senator Ralph Alverado, the

surrogate speaker for Donald Trump. 

We would like to thank Senator Alverado

for all the time and consideration he

gave us.


Senator Alverado who is also a Family

Practice Physician, stated he had seen

us in the news and had been following us.  He has a family member with a

medical device.  He request that we send him more information.

Several people saw the TITS mobile and loved it!  We were also repeatedly asked about our name and received nothing but absolute positive feedback!


To sum up the day, we felt very productive and had great opportunities to get the word out there for all the people suffering from their implanted medical devices which is why we do this.

What you can do:


We encourage all of you to contact your state officials by using the link below and we are also including the link to the letter provider by Jamee Bramlett Cook and the Essure Group. In this letter you only have to insert your

name and who you are writing to.


We also encourage you to make phone calls to your state representatives as well. We cannot stress enough the importance of this to ensure this change in Legislation regarding medical implants.


Use this link to identify your state representative.


Use this link to access the template letter that we created for you to use.


We thank you for your ongoing support to help us bring awareness to the issue of Implant Illness and justice for the millions of victims.


Sincerely, TITS Media
~ Paula Blades and Anne Ziegenhorn

August 14, 2016


Surgical Implants Activism – Action Requested





As you all know we are not alone with just Breast Implant causing illnesses. ESSURE has a bill trying to get a vote that will relieve medical device manufactures of liablity and it includes approximately 400 medically FDA approved implant devices (including Breast Implants).


Today we are requesting your assistance to communicate by sending letters to our legislatures that this is not OK and that we are requesting their support to pass the Ariel Grace law as described in the following paragraphs:


It is very IMPORTANT that you send in the letters as we outline below. 


Letter from Jamee Cook, Implant Illness Survivor:


Today I want to talk more about Ariel Grace’s Law – also known as the Medical Device Guardians Act. This is a law that is being presented to Congress and we need to rally behind it. I will share some information about it and a template letter that every single one of us needs to send to our state representative. If you need help with yours, please let me know.


This law began in response to deaths and injuries due to the implantable device Essure. Essure is a Class III medical device – just like breast implants. These devices also fall under the FDA category of PMA, Pre Market Approval.   The PMA status of these devices prevents injured women from suing except on a few points, such as negligent misrepresentation, negligent failure to warn, negligent training of doctors, negligent risk management and negligent manufacture.


Even those points are very sticky. I found a website this week that basically walks lawyers through the process of striking down any of those plaintiff motions. Preemption laws make it extremely difficult for patients injured by these devices to pursue any legal action. That is why it is so hard for the women injured by breast implants to get legal representation.


Ariel Grace’s Law would allow anyone harmed by a medical device with PMA protection to pursue legal action to address their injuries. It would open up many more opportunities for our groups of women to seek justice. It would hold these manufacturers and surgeons much more accountable for their actions.
What is our mission?


Our mission is to ban together with the victims of other implantable devices and contact our state representatives. We want our own representatives to back this law.
What do we need to do?


We need to read these links to learn more.


We need to find the contact information for our own state representative**.


We need to send them this letter urging them to back this law and help thousands of implantable device victims.
This is a video posted on YouTube today about Essure complications, problems with the FDA regulatory process, etc. It mentions breast implants also. Our fight for implant illness awareness is just a small part of this bigger picture. There are victims of injury from Essure, Mirena, transvaginal mesh, and many more.

(Tens of Thousands of Women Injured by Defective Essure “Permanent” Birth Control – Lawsuit News)
Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s speech on the floor of the House of Representatives announcing the Medical Device Guardians Act (You will need to be logged into Facebook to view this link):
More links to read:

How to contact your Congress representative


Please take a few minutes to:


1. Watch the above videos at their links


2. Find the contact info for your state rep here:


3. Copy and paste the template below


4. Insert your own information on the template


5. Send to your representative




COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING INTO YOUR OWN DOCUMENT/EMAIL OR request for us to fill it out for you by contacting us at:




Dear (insert your congressman or woman’s name here),


RE: H.R.5403 Ariel Grace’s Law


On June 8, 2016, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) introduced an important new bi-partisan bill.


This bill seeks to remove the preemption protection granted to Class III medical devices which receive initial premarket approval by the FDA.


Accordingly, manufacturers of medical devices, which later may be shown to be defective and dangerous, are not automatically shielded from liability.


Often the threat of civil litigation is the necessary force to ensure that manufacturers provide medical devices that are both effective and more importantly, safe.


A similar bill had over 100 cosponsors several years ago, and we hope to drive similar bipartisan support.


The bill is aptly named, Ariel Grace’s Law, after Ariel Grace Burrell, whose stillborn birth was caused by a Class III medical device. Kristiana Burrell has given her blessing to have the bill named after her daughter and the bill was introduced on the one year anniversary of the birth/death.


Likewise, there are thousands of women who suffer from adverse symptoms due to prosthetic breast implants, which are also classified as Class III medical devices.


Social media is allowing women internationally to voice their concerns. Support groups are emerging to allow women from several decades of injuries and adverse symptoms to join forces and raise public awareness about these complications and “undefined” illnesses.


This bill is applicable to all Class III medical devices. It is an amendment to an already existing statute which merely amends the statute to allow access to courts for those injured by defective medical devices and is states as follows:


This Act may be cited as the “Ariel Grace’s Law


(a) Amendment- Section 521 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C 360k) is amended by adding at the end the following:(b) NO EFFECT ON LIABILITY UNDER STATE LAW- Nothing in this section shall be construed to modify or otherwise affect any action for damages or the liability of any person under the laws of any State.”(c) EFFECTIVE DATE; APPLICABILITY. – The amendment made by subsection (a) shall(1) Take effect as if included in the enactments of the Medical Device Amendments of 1976 (Public Law 94-295): and(2) Apply to any civil action pending or filed on or after the date of the Act.


As your constituent, I strongly urge your support of this bill. It is unconscionable and unjust that manufacturers who have a medical device approved by the FDA pursuant to a premarket approval process can be forever shielded from liability and immune from suit even when the device later proves to be dangerous and/or defective and causes injury to device users.


It was never the intent of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act to provide blanket immunity for medical device manufacturers for defective devices placed into the stream of commerce.


Quite simply, there is no plausible reason nor rationale for the failure to support this amendment, which serves to protect your constituents.


Accordingly, I strongly urge you to join forces with Representatives Fitzpatrick and Slaughter and make this bill into law as soon as possible.






Thank you for your attention and prompt action to this matter as we continue to work together for justice for those who have struggled and died because of injury caused by these medical devices.


We are stronger united~


Anne Ziegenhorn & Paula Blades
Co-founders of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee

August 9th, 2016

Welcome From TITS Committee Co-Founder Anne Ziegenhorn

Video Blog Post

Anne Ziegenhorn’s Moldy Breast Implant Story Goes Global

Media, Video Blog Post

The Implant Truth Survivors Committee Co-founder,

Anne Ziegenhorn had a story to tell that her local news

station, WEAR Channel 3 News, in Florida wanted to

hear. Anne and Implant Truth Survivors Committee

Co-founder Paula Blade and Committee Member,

Amanda Gilcrest had done a video sharing their

personal stories and experiences with faulty breast

implants that made each of them deathly ill. The

outcome of this was that nearly 100 media outlets

worldwide picked up the story.


An excerpt from WEAR Channel 3 news story: 


chrissy-penn-headshot (1).jpg

Terri Abel five years post explant and recovery from Breast Implant Illness (BII)


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Amanda 1 year post explant surgery 10/1/2016


Anne Ziegenhorn, Co-founder of the Implant Truth Survivors Committee, will be sharing her story of surviving Breast Implants on the television show Monsters Inside Me on Thursday October 13th, 2016


Anne Ziegenhorn’s Moldy Breast Implant

(WEAR) – More than 300,000 women get breast

implants every year in the U.S.


A Shalimar woman has a warning for them. She says her implants nearly killed her. You may have seen some of the articles popping up on Facebook and various websites, linking mold in saline implants to a host of health problems. Anne Ziegenhorn says they are frighteningly accurate.


If Ziegenhorn had known the price she’d pay for beauty, she would have run the other way. She said, “It’s not a story a multi-billion dollar industry wants to get out.”


Anne keeps a video on her phone of the saline breast implants covered with mold, that were removed from her body after a two-year nightmare. Ziegenhorn said, “I felt like that was it, I was gonna die, and the doctors were gonna let me die.”


It started in 2011. The woman who was a picture of health suddenly started gaining weight, losing her vision and experiencing burning, unrelenting pain. She had sores all over her body. Her thinking was so cloudy she thought she might have Alzheimer’s. She was misdiagnosed with everything from lupus to arthritis to thyroid problems. She said, “Silicone sickness in and of itself is one entity. And then you add the mold to it that we had, and then you’ve got two illnesses going on.”


The diagnosis that Anne believes saved her life came from Dr. Susan Kolb, author of “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants.” Dr. Kolb said, “My experience in doing this for thirty years is that eventually everybody will become ill from their breast implants, unless they die sooner from something else.”


Dr. Kolb says she’s seeing lots of women with mold in their saline implants, often from defective valves. She says some patients also have detoxification problems, that make them particularly sensitive to the silicone shells of the implants. She says in 25-30 percent of the population, the reactions are debilitating. The doctor is not anti-implants, she has them herself. But she believes for safety, women need to get their implants replaced every eight to fifteen years. Amanda Gilcrease is a patient who had her implants removed. She said, “All the neurological symptoms… the  burning, numbing, stabbing, shooting, electrical shocking pains throughout my body went away immediately.”

A few of the international media outlets that picked up Anne’s story:


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NEWS CHANNEL 9 ABC Florida woman finds mold in breast implants: says they almost killed her


FOX 17 NASHVILLE If Ziegenhorn had known the price she’d pay for beauty, she would have run the other way. She said, “It’s not a story a multi-billion dollar industry wants to get out.”


ABC6 COLUMBUS, OHIO She spent 2 years fighting illness and being misdiagnosed with everything from thyroid problems to arthritis. Then she met a plastic surgeon who says she’s seeing lots of problems with the mold.


FOX NEWS HEALTH A Florida woman claims that mold in her silicone breast implant nearly killed her. “It’s not a story a multi-billion dollar industry wants to get out.”


PALM BEACH POST After four years of pain, illnesses and weight gain, Anne Ziegenhorn now knows her faulty breast implants were to blame.


ABC13 EYEWITNESS NEWS TEXAS Anne Ziegenhorn says she was not surprised when her body began to fall apart after years of unblemished health. The culprit, she says, were on her chest the entire time: her breast implants.


ABC ACTION NEWS TAMPA BAY A Florida woman is recounting the two-year ordeal she went through after her saline breast implants apparently developed mold.


ABC WEARTV More than 300,000 women get breast implants every year in the U.S. A Shalimar woman has a warning for them. She says her implants nearly killed her. You may have seen some of the articles popping up on Facebook and various websites, linking mold in saline implants to a host of health problems. Anne Ziegenhorn says they are frighteningly accurate.


EYE OPENER TV (FACEBOOK) Woman says after two years of pain and sickness, she finally had a moldy breast implant removed.


AOL.COM Florida woman discovers mold in her breast implants


ITV.COM Anne Ziegenhorn’s young son became critically ill while she was breastfeeding him, a direct result, she claims, of the toxic implants.


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