Help Us To Help Others

Will you help us to help other women?


Co-Founders Anne Ziegenhorn and Paula Blades have teamed up with many women from all over the world to help others by forming our non-profit, The Implant Truth Survivors Committee (TITS Committee) by visiting our fundraiser page here.


Many women are so ill and their insurance will not pay upfront.


We will help pay for them and help file their insurance so they can get reimbursed and hopefully have funds remaining to provide the after care detox their doctor orders.


Before you leave this page – Please consider donating to help us help the women who come to us for help. Every dollar makes a difference. Please consider giving at least $3 here at our fundraiser page before you leave today.


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For your Doctors


Every doctor will see someone in their practice presenting with symptoms of breast implant illness (BII). Help physicians around the world become informed and enabled to help women find health and healing by sharing this information with your doctors so they can become aware of these issues.