Breast Cancer And Implants

Many times when receiving the devastating news you have breast cancer, doctors give you a few options on treatment and a few give you all the reconstruction options but many only offer the breast implant option.


There are options out there for healthier/safer reconstruction but many doctors and insurance companies do not inform you of them and insurances may not want to pay.


The way to change this is through your senator and congressmen. (please see this website for information on how and a sample letter to write to your state officials).


If you reconstructed with breast implants and want or need them out, your insurance companies usually will pay 100% if you are a cancer survivor.


If you do not have medical insurance there are government agencies that should assist.


Dr. Diana Zuckerman President of the National Research Center for Women & Families, a nonpartisan, nonprofit in D.C. area usually has a program for you.">