Breast Implant Awareness In The News

KY NBC Channel 6 News Story  Nov 2015


Our first News Story Aired Nov 2015 at Paula's home. Click here to see the KY News Story featured Paula Blades, Anne Z and TITS Committee while we were on a British Radio News show at the same time. 


FL ABC Channel 3 News Story Nov 2015

Waking up the sleeping giant! 

WEAR Channel 3 News Story that Laura Hussey did with Anne, Paula & Amanda went Viral causing the world to start looking and talking about breast implant safety again. Click  here  to see the WEAR Channel 3 News stories  that went viral.


After the WEAR Channel 3 News story broke world wide Viral spread happened: Daily Mail, Cosmo, BuzzFeed, TMZ, SnapChat, Yahoo and Google top 10 News Stories, John Tesh did a photo op and shout out, Instagram, Snap Chat and over 1400 News Station and more carried Anne Ziegenhorn's Story. 


Click to see the 2nd update 6 months later - Global attention to breast implant illness~

To date WEAR Channel 3 News has featured Anne 3 times and mentioned her in a story about mastectomies.


Magazine Article

Click here to see the article "Are Breast Implants Ruining Women's Sex Lives

Fashion Meets Faith Article 2018



The Unbroken Smile featured Anne's Blog in 2016

Ice Road Trucker

Ice Road Trucker Star Maya Seiber talks about TITS Committee and Anne Ziegenhorn, click to see the podcast Drinks with Jess "The Long Haul"

State Of Kentucky

State of KY Positive Feedback about TITS Committee also they shared us being at the rally on their news channel. Click here to see the positive feedback from Kentucky state officials.


Chrystal Hefner posted and used Anne Ziegenhorn's Story in her personal blog

Karen McDougal also had 4-5 months correspondence with Anne Ziegenhorn prior to her removal. 


A journalist for Marie Claire has recently contacted Anne to make a few statements regarding breast implants on behalf of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee Non-Profit Organization it should be released in Jan or Feb 2018.

Dr. Kolb Radio Show

Susan Smith writes about Anne Ziegenhorn, Paula Blades & Amanda Gilcrease of TITS Committee Viral News Story on WEAR Channel 3 News by Laura Hussey brought Breast Implants back into the spotlight and it has not stopped since.


Anne Ziegenhorn’s Moldy Breast Implant Story Goes Global is the very last excerpt in our article page, click the link to see more.

Radio Interview From England

Our Non-Profit did a radio interview with Jess in Nov 2015 about Breast Implants, click here to see hear the podcast.