About Us

Who We Are

Following their own heroic experiences with breast implants Co-founders of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee, Anne Ziegenhorn and Paula Blades, contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to inquire how they could get in front of them to talk about the realities and dangers of breast implants.


Anne and Paula were informed that private citizens cannot simply be heard by the FDA but that a committee must be formed.


Anne had created a blog to tell her personal story of implant illness she had called The Implant Truth so it seemed only natural that this foundling non-profit become The Implant Truth Survivors Committee.


As it happens, organizations often use acronyms as a short way of identifying themselves. Without forethought or intent, in this case The Implant Truth Survivors Committee became the TITS Committee.


Anne and Paula were asked to change the name of their new organization several times by both individuals and those connected to the FDA and other political organizations but they stood fast.


About this time Anne’s story began making the rounds with pictures of her moldy implants. Originally aired via WEAR in Florida Anne’s story has now been shared by nearly 1,200 media outlets and shared tens of thousands times on social media.


The Implant Truth Survivors Committee is here to help bring awareness to the dangers of breast implants, provide support to women who are suffering and engage the FDA in a heart to heart about acknowledging that breast implants are not safe for everyone.


Over the years since the original implants of the 1980’s and 1990’s there have been numerous attempts by survivors of implant illness to bring awareness to the issues.


One of the things Anne heard at the FDA is they could not keep track of or remember the names of these organizations over the years.

"The FDA Wont Forget Us" - Anne Ziegenhorn


What We Do

There are millions of women around the world who have been told their saline/silicone or silicone breast implants are completely safe. These women suffer for years and sometimes decades from debilitating, often deadly, complex disease. There are also millions of physicians, family members and other interested persons who don’t understand what’s going on with women who have these devices and are exhibiting strange debilitating symptoms. 


The Implant Truth Survivors Committee mission is to educate others through our experiences on the dangers of breast implants and changing federal policy to protect women’s health. 




Establish federal non-profit status to support women struggling with the cost for explant of defective breast implants not covered by insurance


Assist and educate women on health insurance issues related to their breast implants and illness


Educate insurance companies, physicians, and teaching schools about this complex illness


Pursue legislation to better protect consumers and physicians as it relates to breast implant illness


Petition the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change their ruling and reveal the fraudulent research that has led to consumer injury by the industry cover-up that has prevented women from being able to make truly informed decisions about their health and prevented them from accessing medical care

Our Stories

Ann was a slender, healthy woman; mother of two, married and living her ideal life with her husband and children. Anne worked as assistant to a plastic surgeon and taught radiology to dental students. Then after getting, what she was told were safe saline implants that were “just water” her life became something she did not recognize as she battled unexplained symptoms that crippled her and left her unable to speak. Please visit this page to read The Implant Truth Survivors Committee Co-Founder Anne Gudson Ziegenhorn’s Story


Paula Blades believed the doctors when they said implants were safe. So at the young age of just 22 she made the decision that would change the trajectory of her life – forever. Paula knew she was near death. Then one day she happened to see Dr. Susan Kolb on the program Monsters Inside Me and found hope. You can read Paula’s story here.


Deb was healthy but just six months after getting breast implants she was told were safe – her life was turned upside down. Now she works to spread awareness that the FDA has not done their duty to prove these devices as safe.  Visit her website here and support her documentary revealing the truth about breast implants Killer Tits here


Sharon, like so many of us, was healthy and strong prior to getting her saline implants. She asked all the right questions yet because she was not given the right information her decision to get breast implants was far from “informed consent”. Sharon had her implants removed and is getting better but wants to make sure women have the opportunity to make a truly “informed decision”. You can read Sharon’s entire story here


Amanda Gilcrease was only thirty years old when she decided to embark on the journey of breast enhancement through, what she was told, were safe saline implants. Ultimately her life and her health were devastated to the point of needing a wheelchair. You can read Amanda’s story and see photos of her then – and now by clicking here


What Actress Mary McDonough (Mary played Erin on the TV show The Waltons) Learned from a Bad Boob Job: