Following their own heroic experiences with breast implants Co-founders of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee, Anne Ziegenhorn and Paula Blades, contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to inquire how they could get in front of them to talk about the realities and dangers of breast implants.

Anne and Paula were informed that private citizens cannot simply be heard by the FDA but that a committee must be formed.

Anne had created a blog to tell her personal story of implant illness she had called The Implant Truth so it seemed only natural that this foundling non-profit become The Implant Truth Survivors Committee.

As it happens, organizations often use acronyms as a short way of identifying themselves. Without forethought or intent, in this case The Implant Truth Survivors Committee became the TITS Committee.

Anne and Paula were asked to change the name of their new organization several times by both individuals and those connected to the FDA and other political organizations but they stood fast.

About this time Anne’s story began making the rounds with pictures of her moldy implants. Originally aired via WEAR in Florida Anne’s story has now been shared by nearly 1,200 media outlets and shared tens of thousands times on social media.

The Implant Truth Survivors Committee is here to help bring awareness to the dangers of breast implants, provide support to women who are suffering and engage the FDA in a heart to heart about acknowledging that breast implants are not safe for everyone.

Over the years since the original implants of the 1980’s and 1990’s there have been numerous attempts by survivors of implant illness to bring awareness to the issues.

One of the things Anne heard at the FDA is they could not keep track of or remember the names of these organizations over the years.

As Anne said “The FDA won’t forget us”.

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