There are millions of women around the world who have been told their saline/silicone or silicone breast implants are completely safe. These women suffer for years and sometimes decades from debilitating, often deadly, complex disease. There are also millions of physicians, family members and other interested persons who don’t understand what’s going on with women who have these devices and are exhibiting strange debilitating symptoms. 

The Implant Truth Survivors Committee mission is to educate others through our experiences on the dangers of breast implants and changing federal policy to protect women’s health. 


Establish federal non-profit status to support women struggling with the cost for explant of defective breast implants not covered by insurance

Assist and educate women on health insurance issues related to their breast implants and illness

Educate insurance companies, physicians, and teaching schools about this complex illness

Pursue legislation to better protect consumers and physicians as it relates to breast implant illness

Petition the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change their ruling and reveal the fraudulent research that has led to consumer injury by the industry cover-up that has prevented women from being able to make truly informed decisions about their health and prevented them from accessing medical care


Foundation of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee 


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