National Travesty to Women’s Health and Taxpayers Money!


Taxpayers money is being used to pay for medical tests on the same patient over and over again. These patients are women who are sick, but no one seem to be able to diagnose them. They are having expensive imaging done, blood work, unnecessary surgeries because there is no clear answer as to what is wrong.

Many of these female patients end up losing their jobs, health insurance, sometimes they lose their spouses to divorce from the stresses and strains of what a friend calls, “a man made illness” that can be stopped.

How is taxpayer money being used?

The women get ill from multiple things that do not seem to match any one defined illness according to doctors. They can no longer function and doctor’s can not find a problem then he/she sends her home.

Most of these women do not think to continue to question their doctor or to switch doctors and to keep asking questions. Many women go home and their spouse, mother, father, sister, brother and/or any family member start to say things like, “well, the doctor said nothing is wrong” or “go back to work it’s in your head”.

This causes a chain reaction for the women and the stress causes them to get sicker. Now, not only is she physically ill but add the mental stress from the lack of support from medical field and family members, then in addition many of the women lose their friends as well.

Here is where the taxpayers money comes in.

As the women get sicker they lose their career, they lose medical insurance and then apply for unemployment, food stamps, medicaid and disability. I will get back to this.

You see, I am a former plastic surgeon scrub tech and I am one of these women.

I have seen many people come in and out of the plastic surgeons office wanting to look better. It could be a facelift, Rhinoplasty (nose job), Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Breast Reduction or augmentation (Boob job/breast implant) and Breast Implants after mastectomy.

A good surgeon will deliver what the patient wants. A great surgeon has results that are stunning and natural looking so no one will think anything has been done.  There are plastic surgeon who do what they feel is best and disregard the patient’s wants or talk patients into something they are not asking for.

As Co-Founder of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee one of the things women tell us and we are hearing this more and more in online private groups, “I went in for a breast lift after breastfeeding my children and the surgeon said I would not be happy unless I had the implants too”  or  “I wanted a lift and the surgeon said I had to have implants to make it look better and may not need a lift at all once the implants are in”. Another woman stated, “I asked for a C cup and woke up with double D’s”.

These are a few things we have heard from ladies who are ill from breast implants. In addition, many women are automatically told about breast implants but not given all options out there.

Many breast cancer survivors are not told all the options. My mother was a breast cancer survivor and before we knew if she needed a mastectomy or not, breast implants for reconstruction was brought up, but not muscle and fat transfer. Muscle and fat transfer is using your own body to replace the breast and this option was not discussed.

In a story featured this week from Our Bodies Our Selves, it takes a look at women who had mastectomies and reconstruction surgery; one plastic surgeon admits the focus is on how a woman looks rather than giving the full informed consent. They do mention possible loss of nipple sensation, capsular contraction but not near the information that needs to be told.

There is also ALCL: cancer of the lymphatic system (immune system) caused by breast implants. We just featured a story on this as well. We who are in the private chat groups know the numbers of this cancer are higher from the lack of testing. We now inform women to be tested upon ex-planting especially if they have textured implants.

As I know first hand from being in the plastic surgery industry, not all correct information is giving to the patient, as a matter of fact not all correct information was given to me.

I was told that test and studies are done and implants are safe. It seems the majority of Plastic Surgeon and doctors make this statement over and over without any forethought.

This statement, seem to put many women’s minds to rest, because as doctors they take the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians, the simple version states “first to do NO harm”; most patients believe what their doctors say and recommend.

When I worked as a plastic surgeon scrub tech I was told that implants have been studied and tested and deemed safe. These women are just money hungry and want to sue.

What I was not told is that the manufacturers did their own testing and studies on breast implants, not a third a party. I can remember the sales representative even carried some studies results with them to show us.

Who am I to question what they showed? To me it was confirmation implants were safe. I did not know doing their own studies gave them the ability to release a woman from the study when she complained to certain symptoms since being implanted.

I could go on and on about this part and the fraudulent ways they have  and the concealed manufacturer faulty products. There is a much bigger story to all this!

Let’s get back to taxpayers money!

Many of the women who have some hormonal changes, upper respiratory infections, sudden allergies, possible migraines, bladder infections. Just one of these can be isolated incident, but having them repeatedly or in combination (it can be vertigo, joint pain or other symptoms, see list), maybe the doctor should look for a common factor; Does the patient have breast implants?

If so, suggest she remove them, have insurance pay for the surgery to remove them (by a proper qualified ex-plant surgeon, see list). Many women feel better after their implants are removed. HOWEVER, it does depend on the length of time they were inside her and how much permanent damages were sustained and are there any co-infections.

The FDA states only about 20% of those implanted get sick from implants. Our private groups suggest a much higher figure, almost the opposite at approximately 80%.

Some doctors and surgeons are now admitting that they see great improvement in health after the women get their ex-plant. Sadly many doctors report that the medical field does not state there is such a thing as Breast Implant Illness(BII). We survivors beg to differ.

During the Dow Corning lawsuit a judge along with attorneys and doctors came up with a disease claim for the women to receive monies from Dow and other manufacturers.

The definition of DISEASE is any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown.

Another problem with Breast Implants for the Taxpayer as my friend stated it is a man made illness and can be stopped! How can it be stopped?

  1. By forcing the manufacturers to stop selling until they have 3rd party studies completed.
  2. By forcing the doctors to give a written INFORMED consent to women 3-5 days prior to surgery, so they can read and take in possible adverse reactions. They should sign it with a witness present at the ofice to give formal consent then surgery may be scheduled.
  3. Doctor’s should be pretesting woman for the contraindicated illnesses before getting implanting. For example ladies should be tested and evaluated for Lymes, MTHFR Gene Mutation and other autoimmune illness as the implant is a foreign object and the body will attack it. If a woman is already predisposed to autoimmune illness through family history then she is NOT a candidate. As I know first hand that is not happening in the plastic surgery industry.

The FDA has a data base of Breast implants complaints. I have a copy of turning mine in yet when I went to look it up on the quick search engine it seems no one filed a complaint in that whole month yet I have a hard copy with the date on it, and it states no complaints. Many women are not aware that they need to file an incident report. According to the FDA it is mandatory for ALL medical facilities to file all defected devices report; even if it is removed for a consumers complaint that something is wrong, but most medical facilities do not file it.

Click here to access the patient form to file your complaint.

Manufacturers send sales reps into doctors offices to sell their products. I can state what I was told by the companies representatives to tell patients since not only did I work in the industry, but I am also a survivor of the lies told to me. I was lied to by the manufacturers as a person who is to assure the patients the product is safe.  Had I known then what I know now, maybe these products would not be on the market to date as more and more women are banning together to get the truth out as many from the years before.

The sad thing is, what they told me seemed believable until I got sick, misdiagnosed, had organs removed and almost died.  WEAR Channel 3 News with Laura Hussey, this story went viral. All social media covered the story, Daily Mail, local TV and radio stations world wide.

More Press:

WPSD Channel 6 with Jennifer Horbelt Nov. 19th 2015 

The Doctor’s TV Show filmed Dec. 2015 aired Jan. 20, 2016

WEAR Channel 3 did a follow up story June 2016 because Animal Planet’s Monster’s Inside Me was coming into town to film. 

Animal Planet Monster’s Inside Me Season 7, episode 2 1st air date Oct. 2016 to present.

We have been in Magazine Articles, radio stations and pod casts as well.

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How you can help

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Thank you for reading, sharing and giving.

Anne Ziegenhorn, Co Founder of The Implant Truth Survivors Committee

UPDATE 5/16/2017

Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro addresses the FDA’s failure to protect women.





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