HR 985 Class Action Bill Will Strip Our Right to Legal Action

Recently we were made aware of a House Bill that has been approved by the House Judiciary Committee. This bill, HR985, would take away the consumers right to sue large corporations, including those companies that have harmed and killed thousands of women from faulty breast implants.

For women facing the devastation of Breast Implant Illness – this is horrifying news.

By restricting the right to join forces for similar complaints, this bill would limit anyone to only being able to sue individually – meaning that groups of injured individuals would no longer have the collective power of many and be limited to fighting these corporations independently.

Here is an excerpt from an article on

This past week, Republicans in the house, on the house judiciary committee, passed a resolution that would limit the ability of American consumers, American citizens, to file class action lawsuits against corporations. This resolution, bill, whatever you want to call it, did pass committee. Now it’s up to the main house body to decide whether or not to bring it to the floor, but it did pass committee.

What this piece of legislation is going to do is limit who can file a class action lawsuit, who can band together for class actions, and it’s something that business lobby in Washington DC has been fighting for since the Ronald Reagan administration. What businesses, corporations, what have you, what they want to do, is to make it to where consumers cannot band together and form a class action. People with a similar complaint can’t band together into groups of 2,000, 3,000 and file one big lawsuit.

You can read the this article and view the video here.

At the Law Professors Blog Network, contributor Howard Erichson explains in detail how the bill, HR 985 will impact us:

The bill, H.R. 985, the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017,” seeks to reduce defendants’ exposure to liability for mass harms by tightening the standard for class certification, imposing an ascertainability requirement, delaying the payment of class counsel fees, limiting the use of issue class actions, expanding diversity jurisdiction, mandating Lone Pine orders in MDL, banning trials in MDL, and capping MDL personal injury attorneys’ fees at 20%, among other things. As Beth Burch noted, the bill does not make things fairer for those who have been wronged.

So – what can we do about this travesty being pushed through by Legislators who benefit from Lobbyists from these corporations?

We can speak to our own representatives.

In fact, we cannot even express the urgency of calling your House of Representatives regarding Bill HR 985. If passed no group will be able to bring a Class Action lawsuit against a manufacturer. It is absolutely imperative we all take action immediately to voice our concerns and desire that this bill be rejected.

Click here to find your representatives at this website.

Tell them NO to HR 985.

In advance – thank you for taking action to preserve the right of Americans to hold corporations accountable when they cause harm.

Anne Ziegenhorn, Co-founder The Implant Truth Survivors Committee


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