Did You Send Us A Message? (Technology fail)

Recently we were notified of over 200 messages sent to us via our website that were never delivered to us. 

This blog post is intended to address this and let you know that we are doing our best to address this issue and, hopefully, answer some of your questions here. 

Many of the email addresses that we received were incorrect, invalid or perhaps a misspelling occurred. 

If you have not been receiving our updates or did leave a message for us and did not receive an email response from us – please read the following:

Due to the number of messages we just received we are not able to make individual contact or return requested phone calls. 

Please read further for how to get your questions and issues addressed. 

Many of you were asking for assistance in one way or another – below are some resources that might help answer your questions:

1. DATA COLLECTION FOR FDA AND POTENTIAL LITIGATION (LAWSUIT): If you were seeking information on how to add your name to the data collection we are doing to provide information to the FDA on women who have been harmed by breast implants you can read more about it and complete the form here. This is the same list we will use to contact women about the potential for lawsuit should we find an Attorney willing to take cases.

2. SYMPTOMS OF BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS: If you are wondering if your implants are the cause behind your health problems – we have compiled a list of symptoms and resources here.


4. MOLD and breast implants questions: you can start here.

5. FUNDING FOR EXPLANT SURGERY OR OTHER RELATED SURGERY: While there are currently no public funds available for explanting we can help you with a primer on how to create your own personal fundraiser here. 

6. INSURANCE: if you need help with trying to see if you can get your insurance to cover explant OR other related surgeries, please start here.

7. MASTECTOMY: If you are considering or having problems with your implants following mastectomy please start here. This article also has some suggestions here. 

8. GETTING INVOLVED: If you would like to get involved and volunteer with The Implant Truth Survivors Committee please use our contact form again here.  (We will be checking to make sure our technology issues continue to be resolved)

9. ANAPLASTIC LARGE CELL LYMPHOMA CANCER associated with breast implants: if you need information on ALCL please start here with this article. 

10. THE TICKING TIME BOMB: You can receive a copy of the ebook “The Ticking Time Bomb” by entering your email address here.

11. SURGEONS WHO DO EXPLANT SURGERIES list can be found here. 

12. HEALING FROM BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS: Here is a Facebook group you can join to network with others who are also healing from breast implant injury. Dr. Susan Kolb has also created a protocol that includes tips for diet and supplements that you can download from her public website here. 

13. INFO FOR YOUR DOCTORS: This page has info from Dr. Susan Kolb that you can share with your doctors.

14. TESTS TO REQUEST: You can find information on what tests might be helpful in your journey here. 

15. OTHER IMPLANTS: We often here from those who have other implanted devices that they are also suffering from similar issues as breast implants. So the short answer is: YES. All foreign objects put in the body will often cause similar problems as breast implants. You can use the information on our website or in this email to start your research and find your answers. We hope it is helpful.

16. LAWSUITS: We are in the process of trying to find attorney’s that will take our cases – to date we have not made that connection. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this issue by going to this page. 

17. BREAST FEEDING AND IMPLANTS: A letter from Dr. Blais to us can be found here. 

18. MAMMOGRAMS AND BREAST IMPLANTS: While the FDA says 62% of ruptures were from mammogram’s there are those of use who have experienced this and believe it is much higher. The FDA continues to encourage mammograms for those with implants in spite of this. You can read more about this study here at the FDA. Many women are choosing to use Ultrasound or Thermography instead.

19. IMPLANTS – WHO OWNS THEM? Many messages were asking about if they can get their implants back after explant. This article should help with that. 

20. DONATIONS: If you’d like to donate to help us raise funds to help women with explant surgeries please do so here. 

21. REPLACING IMPLANTS VS REMOVING: Many women have become ill from their implants and been convinced to replace vs. en bloc explant to simply remove their implants. Many women have also continued to struggle with ongoing or even worsening symptoms by taking this route. Others have chosen to do other forms of breast enhancement such as a lift or fat transfer and done much better. The moral of this story? BE INFORMED, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND QUESTION ANY SURGEON THAT TRIES TO CONVINCE YOU THAT “NEW ONES” WILL BE BETTER. If you’re sick already – replacing implants may perpetuate the problems you are having. WE ARE NOT DOCTORS and encourage women who are facing this decision to become informed and listen to others who have been in similar positions.

22. EN BLOC REMOVAL: What it is and why it’s important, along with other questions are addressed here by Dr. Susan Kolb.


We have attempted to address all the questions in the messages that were missed. We have read every message and for those of you who are sick and suffering….we cannot express our sadness for your dilemma. Our hearts break for you.

Unfortunately – we are unable to respond to every message individually at this point, due to the number of messages that were missed but hope this list of resources might offer you some direction….

If you continue to need personal assistance – please use our contact form here with your request. 

We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to you.

Technology is great when it works and when it doesn’t it can cause untold headaches for everyone.

Please let us know by using our contact form here if you need personal assistance. We are keeping an eye on messages and will do our best to get back to you within the next several days.


Anne, Paula and Susan

The Implant Truth Survivors Committee




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