Chrissy Penn’s Story of Breast Implant Illness (Video)

Surgery To Correct A Breast Deformity with Breast Implants; Your Body, Your Decision, Your Right To Be Informed.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Trading One Problem Only To Gain More

By Aimee Murphy


Chrissy PennBy Aimee Murphy

  Meet Chrissy Penn; a YouTube Fashionistasta, blogger, wife, mother, MS warrior, and advocate for breast implant illness.

Chrissy has a common type of breast abnormality many women have. At the young age of 15, her insecurity and lack of self confidence influenced her decision to have breast reconstruction surgery with saline textured breast implants.

This is when the struggle with multiple health issues began.  Now at the age of 40, she has documented her struggle with various health issues which perplexed many doctors, and how an “AH- HA” moment led to answers and finally – a direction toward healing physically and emotionally.

Learning from others may help one relate to a specific story and in turn empowering yourself with the knowledge to make a decision that could affect your life.

“I feel more hope then I ever have about my future.” ~Chrissy

You can visit Chrissy’s website here:

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