Anne’s Experience with Mycoplasma and Supporting Information of Secondary Infections

Many ladies with breast implants suffer from secondary infections that can cause false diagnosis from medical professionals. This video shows how Anne Ziegenhorn had to go through IV treatments for mycoplasma blood infection at the cellular level which traveled to her joints and kidneys. Anne’s stomach and intestines do not absorb the oral antibiotics and still to date oral antibiotics do not work in Anne’s system.

Using Non-GMO and chemical free products help reduce inflammation, pro and pre-biotics are crucial for gut health. One source is Good-Belly products.

Below is a video of a doctor that explains the major issues with mycoplasma blood infection.

A friend of Anne’s introduced her to a wonderful organic, Non-GMO referral shopping club that has been around for years and recently revamped the shopping experience and line of products. Anne has been testing them out and found they do not make her have an autoimmune flare up. Here is a link to check it out. Email Anne any questions at

A great source for Non-GMO and chemical free products is this website which is similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco. You are a customer, no selling required; membership in February is $1.00 !!! YES, $1.00. Place a back up order(not charged , just in holding). Order 35 points in products per month and it is that simple to save money on products you already use.

Anne has met so many incredible women through Breast Implant Illness and the News shows had women flocking to The Implant Truth Website and fb page along with many private support groups.  Teegan Braun is one of those ladies Anne met. Teegan introduced Anne to Wildtree an Organic, Non-GMO, No peanuts and 85% of their foods are Gluten-Free and they offer dairy free options. Anne loved the products so much Anne is now offering them to anyone who feels led to try them.

It is amazing how making a changing some dietary will help to heal the body that much quicker. Not everyone needs the same treatments and we state we are NOT doctors, although many failed us, but still check with your physician before taking any kind of supplement. What is right for one person may not be right for you. MOre to come on how many women lost their career and what they are doing now.

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